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Ever come across a trail intersection and wonder where the other trail went?  Hesitant to try out new trails without a detailed map of the area? Check out the AllTrails app, available on both iOS and android, this app can help you plan your hikes and explore new trails while you are out in the park.  The app is also available in both English and Spanish, simply change it in your account preferences.  With over 60,000 trails catalogued and plenty within the Patapsco Valley, AllTrails is an excellent resource for looking up new trails or just offshoots of your favorites.  The app allows you to use several overlays such as satellite view or trail map view to help orient your position and find familiar landmarks, as well as see comments and recommendations from other local hikers.  AllTrails is free to use but also has a paid membership version if you find it worth paying for.  Keep in mind that while you can use AllTrails outdoors you may lose signal in some areas, so plan ahead.



Highlighted Trail: Rockburn Trail, Twisties, Pain Cave


Free parking available in Rockburn Park via Landing Road.  This trail is relatively flat, as far as Patapsco trails go, and has multiple options for alternate loops if you want a shorter or longer hike.  This area is excellent for mountain biking, and Rockburn even has a skills course for those who want to hone their abilities on a bike!

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