Patapsco Heritage Greenway

Working to advance the interests of the Patapsco Valley
for all who share it.

Maryland’s Heritage Areas are places to experience the authentic heritage of Maryland in a unique way that you cannot experience anywhere else. In Heritage Areas individuals, businesses, non-profits and governments form partnerships to preserve the best of Maryland’s historic sites and towns, unspoiled natural landscapes and enduring traditions.

In 2015, Patapsco Heritage Greenway celebrated the realization of a major goal when the Patapsco Valley became one of Maryland’s 13 certified Heritage Areas. This designation depended upon the unanimous approval of the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area (PVHA) Management Plan by both the Baltimore and Howard County government.

In 2020, the PVHA boundary expanded northwest to extend from Granite and Marriottsville to Baltimore City including Daniels, Ellicott City, Oella, Catonsville, Illchester, Relay and Elkridge.

Our FY2021 Annual Report is available here.

The vision for the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area describes desired conditions related to natural resources, historic resources, scenic resources, visitor experience, economic benefits to the heritage area, and partnerships. The overarching vision is:

In 2025, the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area lies at the heart of a network of protected lands along the Patapsco River representative of Maryland’s Piedmont forest and industrial heritage. Natural processes, natural beauty, and history combine to create a unique opportunity for neighboring residents and visitors from across the state and beyond, to understand and enjoy Maryland’s most dramatic river valley. Through the efforts of many partners, the public appreciates the significance of the valley’s heritage, understands its history, and enjoys the experience it has to offer.

As the non-profit, managing organization for the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area (PVHA), Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG) is dedicated to preserving, protecting, interpreting, and restoring the environment, history and culture of Maryland’s most dramatic river valley for all. The organization’s mission is closely aligned with the goals and vision outlined in the Management Plan for the Heritage Area. 

Five strategic goals frame the management actions that will accomplish the vision for the heritage area:

Stewardship: Promote and facilitate stewardship of heritage resources to support interpretation and appreciation of the history of the Patapsco Valley, enhance the quality of life for residents, and ensure a high quality visitor experience.

Interpretation: Provide heritage experiences for visitors focused on interpreting the Patapsco Valley’s vital importance in Maryland’s industrial revolution and its role in Maryland’s evolving resource stewardship ethic

Heritage Tourism: Increase the economic benefits of heritage tourism in the Patapsco Valley.

Recreation: Offer residents and visitors opportunities to explore and learn about the heritage areas through a variety of quality recreation experiences.

Management: Assure a strong, sustainable organization for Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc.

President: Mark Southerland
Vice President: Victoria Goodman
(Arts & Culture Committee)
Vice President: Ray Haislip
(Recreation Committee)
Vice President: Cathy Hudson
(Environment Committee)
Vice President: Kathy Younkin
(Heritage Committee)
Treasurer: Pete Lins
Secretary: Kenneth Boone


  • Tina Bui
  • Rebecca Davis-Nord
  • Chris Gallant
  • John Heinrichs
  • Gabriele Hourticolon
  • Pam Johnson
  • Nancy Lawson
  • Marsha McLaughlin
  • Ruby Nwaebube
  • Nancy Pickard
  • Justine Schaeffer
  • Bill Skullney
  • Tom Somers
  • Lisa Wingate
  • Michelle Wright

Edward Kasemeyer
Jim Robey

Paul Farragut
Ed Lilley
Ken Mays
John Slater
Kit Valentine †
Sally Voris †
Charles Wagandt †

PHG meets and works with the following organizations to purse its mission:

  • Baltimore County Office of  Tourism & Cultural Arts
  • Howard County Tourism and Promotion
  • Maryland State Parks (Patapsco Valley State Park)
  • Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Historical Society of Baltimore County
  • Howard County Historical Society
  • Sierra Club
  • Maryland Ornithological Society- Baltimore Bird Club
  • Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences
  • Howard County Arts Council
  • Howard County Chamber of Commerce
  • Catonsville Chamber of Commerce
  • Maryland Off-Road Enthusiasts
  • Catonsville Rails to Trails
  • Upper Patuxent Archaeology Group

Executive Director: Aaron Shapiro

Environmental Program Manager: Diana Devers

Program Coordinator (Water Quality and Environment): Mandy DeLeo

Program Coordinator (Heritage): Kyla Cools

Marketing Intern: Gaelyn Mitchell

Preserve. Protect. Interpret. Restore.

Patapsco Heritage Greenway, the non-profit managing organization of the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area, is dedicated to preserving, protecting, interpreting, and restoring the environment, history, and culture of Maryland’s most dramatic river valley for the enjoyment of all.