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Blog Post- Brandt Dirmeyer
Brandt Dirmeyer Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps Member
February 14, 2017
By using tea in your compost, you have the potential to balance your carbon to nitrogen ratio, increase the activity of worms and microorganisms beneficial to soil health, strengthen your plants' resistance to infections, grazing animals, and insects, and reduce the toxicity of the soil with the tannins present in your tea.]
The Business Monthly
The Business Monthly
February 8, 2017
Howard County native Mary Catherine Cochran’s impact on the preservation of Howard County’s unique history and environment began in 1999 with Vision 2020, an exercise that drafted goals for the county. She served on the Stewardship of Resources committee, which created a sustainable vision for the care of environmental, agricultural and historic resources. In 2015, Cochran continued her work in preservation and environmental stewardship when she assumed management of the newly-established Patapsco Heritage Area. Since, she has built a foundation for Patapsco Heritage Greenway (PHG), securing funding, building community partnerships and shifting the organization from a volunteer-based to an employee-based organization.
Blog Post- Brandt Dirmeyer
Brandt Dirmeyer, Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps Member
January 26, 2017
The holiday season has been over for a month, yet some households still have their Christmas trees up and decorated, or undecorated, outside and ready to go. Others have already disposed of their seasonally indoor trees, but where do the trees go after their festive use has finished? And what can you do with yours, if it is still hanging around?
~ Brandt Dirmeyer, Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps
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