Virtual Earth Month

During this time of social distancing, our normal environmental stewardship events are on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Earth Month and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Throughout the month of April, we’ll be continually updating this page to include online resources, fun activities to do in your backyard or at a nearby stream, and virtual trainings, webinars, and games for you and your family to participate in. Be sure to check back for newly added opportunities to celebrate and steward your local environment!


Social Distancing Outdoor Activities (solo or with your immediate family/roommates):

  • Grab a bag or two, walk a nearby trail or stream, and pick up trash along the way. Snap a picture and send it to us at for a shout-out! Or fill out a Stream Watch activity form found here.


  • Head out to your backyard or nearby trail to look for invasive plants to remove. Snap a picture and send it to us at for a shout-out! You can even get crafty and create your own wreath with invasive vines! To learn more about invasive plants in the Patapsco watershed and why they are bad, go here.


Online Resources:

  • Follow along with our #PatapscoFromHome hashtag on all of our social media platforms to learn more about ways to engage with and learn about the environment, history, and culture of the Patapsco Valley. For Facebook, go here. For Instagram, go here. For Twitter, go here.


  • Depending on where you live, you may not have access to the various corners of the Patapsco watershed. Instead, take a tour with our 360° virtual reality photos to soak in the beauty of the Patapsco from the comfort of your home! Go here.


  • Dog poop can contain bacteria and pathogens and is also considered an environmental contaminant. We want all dog owners to #DooYourDuty and always pick up after their pups. Want to learn more about about how to #DooYourDuty? Go here. Have a printer at home? Download and print our #DooYourDuty activity book here.


  • The DC Environmental Film Festival is hosting many of their films online to watch for free (or with a streaming service subscription). To access these films, go here.


  • Wildlife web cams are another great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of our homes. Take a look at the Chesapeake Conservancy’s Great Blue Heron cam found here.


  • Every Monday, from 2-3 PM, Dr. David Shiffman, a marine conservation biologist and science writer from Arizona State University, is having weekly live Q&A sessions all about sharks on Twitter. We may not have any sharks in the Patapsco River, but the actions we take in our watershed can impact the water quality here and the Chesapeake Bay – where you can find 12 species of sharks! If interested, go here.


Virtual Webinars/Trainings/Games (live and recorded):

  • The National Wildlife Federation has lowered the firewall for all of their online magazines, like Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr, including many online games and videos. You can access them here.

april, 2020

17apr3:00 pm7:00 pmPVHA Boundary Expansion Virtual Public Hearing

Environment Program

At the heart of the Patapsco River Valley is a network of protected lands along the Patapsco River representative of Maryland’s Piedmont forest and industrial heritage. The Valley’s natural beauty and history combine to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to appreciate and enjoy Maryland’s most dramatic river valley.

The Patapsco Heritage Greenway rallies thousands of volunteers each year to clean up trash, remove invasive species, and plant trees in support of its mission to preserve and protect the natural resources of the valley.

Want to know if we have done a clean up near you?  Take a look at our environmental stewardship map, or check out picture from events over the years, found here.

What You Can Do

PHG has recruited a strong environmental team of volunteers. You can become active in the fight to sustain our natural resources by becoming a part of our team. You can become a certified Stream Watcher, or simply participate in stream cleanups and tree plantings with no prior experience necessary.

Through these coordinated environmental programs we provide volunteers the opportunity to make a positive difference in the health of the Patapsco River and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer with your group or company?

Preserve. Protect. Interpret. Restore.

The Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc. is dedicated to preserving, protecting, interpreting and restoring the environment, history and culture of the Patapsco Valley between Daniels and Elkridge, Maryland.

Natural processes, natural beauty, and history combine to create a unique opportunity for neighboring residents and visitors from across the state and beyond, to understand and enjoy Maryland’s most dramatic river valley. Through the efforts of many partners, the public appreciates the significance of the valley’s heritage, understands its history, and enjoys the experience it has to offer.