Stream Watch Visual Survey Report

This form is used for your initial baseline evaluation of the condition of your stream. You are welcome to use this form for follow up investigations or if there are no major changes to report, simply use the shortened version of this form under “Stream Watcher Activity” found by clicking the link here: Stream Watcher Activity Report

Please email any photos you have to Thank you!

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Rain in the Last 24 Hours (check all that apply):

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Present Conditions (check all that apply):

Heavy RainSteady RainIntermittent RainOvercastPartly CloudyClear/Sunny

Surrounding Land Use (check all that apply):

IndustrialCommercialUrban / ResidentialSuburban / ResidentialParkGolf CourseInstitutionalForestedCropPastureOther

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Water Quality

1. Water Flow (Present)

Dry / No flow / PoolingFlooding Over BanksFlowing, Channel width partially filledFlowing, Complete width of channel filled

2. Water Odor

NoneSewegeSulfideChemicalGasRancid / SourOther

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3. Water Clarity

ClearStained (clear water that is naturally colored)Opaque (milky)Slightly Turbid (susended matter in water)TurbidOther

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Aquatic Plants & Stream Wildlife

4-A. Attatched Plants


4-B. Free Floating Plants


5. Wildlife in or Around Stream (or evidence of)


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Natural Organic Material in Stream

6-A. Logs or large woody debris


6-B. Leaves, twigs, root mats, etc.


6-C. Log Jams


7. Embeddedness Refers to the extent to which rocks (gravel, cobble, and boulders) are surrounded by, covered, or sunken into the silt, sand, or mud of the stream bottom.

Not applicableDon't knowSomewhat / Not embedded (0 - 25%)Halfway embedded (50%)Mostly embedded (75%)Completely embedded (100%)

Channel Dimensions

Right Bank Height (ft)*

Left Bank Height (ft)*

Bottom Width (ft)*

Top Width (ft)*

No Visible ImpactsImpacted BufferSevere ErosionUtility ImpactOutfallTrash / DebrisChannel ModifcationRoad CrossingOther

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Please include any comments you have regarding your adopted section. Your comments will be reviewed by the watershed experts at the Patapsco Heritage Greenway and should include a detailed description of any conditions or features of unique value or of concern, any potential restoration projects you may notice, or any information on surrounding land uses you think would be of value to the watershed group. Also, if you had problems completing the survey, please write that down.

What were the biggest problems (if any) that you have seen in your section. Please describe.

Potential areas for buffer enhancement, stream restoration, retrofit, or educational campaign.

Would you like to see Patapasco Heritage Greenway (PHG) perform any project work here? Please describe.

Thank you for submitting this information and monitoring your stream! Please write any questions or concerns you have below!

If any of these questions are not clear, please refer to the "Stream Watch Visual Survey Insructions" found by clicking this link