Stream Watcher Activity Form

This is a modified report form for our regular stream watchers who just want to report in to let us know they checked their site for any problems and any cleanups they may have done.

We love our stream watch volunteers!


Your Name*

Phone Number*

Your Email*

Name of Watershed*

Activity Date*


Did you pick up any Trash?

If Yes, how many yard waste sized bags were collected?

Estimated weight of trash collected?

Please describe the kind of trash collected.(Please specify type, especially for interesting/unusual items)


Describe problems observed, if any.

Action Taken or Needed

If you answered, "I took care of it myself" to the previous question, please describe what you did.

Don't forget...

Email any photos you took during your investigation to to document this activity!

Please describe anything else you would like to share with us about your investigation. Thank you!