Team Building Opportunities (TBO)

Looking for an opportunity to bring your staff together and help your local environment?

Check out Patapsco Heritage Greenway’s new Team Building Opportunity (TBO) program! With several different exciting options, you can create an experience that fosters unity and hones team based skills; all while supporting your local environment.  Patapsco Heritage Greenway has run numerous successful events with groups from Columbia, Catonsville, Elkridge, Ellicott City and Baltimore.

Events typically include 20-40 volunteers, but more can be included on a case by case basis.

Opportunities start at $500, with costs depending on size and activity.

Participation in a TBO also includes varying levels of sponsorship opportunities for your organization. To see these levels, click here.

Contact for further information.

Invasive Plant Removal

Invasive plants pose a serous threat to our local ecosystem, especially our trees!  These are plants that were introduced to the area from around the world and have no natural predators here, allowing them to grow out of control and overwhelm the local environment.  Make a hands on difference and work together while saving our trees and protecting the Patapsco Valley by bringing a team to help end this threat.  Participate in cutting edge environmental protection by joining us for an invasive plant removal event.  Tools and equipment provided.

Stream Cleanup

All streams lead to the ocean, and all litter follows this path eventually.  Get outside and protect our waters from the Atlantic to the Patapsco by joining us for a stream cleanup event.  Great opportunity to work together and accomplish a satisfying, hands on, goal.  Basic equipment provided, does not include waterproof clothing.

Tree Plantings/Maintenance

Leave a lasting mark on the Patapsco Valley by participating in a tree planting or tree maintenance event! Our society grows when we plant trees for our children, and you can be a part of brighter future by sponsoring/participating in a tree planting/maintenance event.  Dedication plaques available to denote donated and sponsored trees.

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