We are conducting a new pilot program in Elkridge focusing on pet waste in backyards and in public spaces.  Although our current efforts are focusing on Elkridge and the Deep Run watershed, we hope to eventually expand this campaign to other areas of Howard County.

It’s time to Doo Your Duty!

Be sure to always pick up after your #PatapscoPup.

Why should you Doo Your Duty?

Pet waste is unsightly and smelly, but even worse, it
is an environmental pollutant. Pet waste contains
excess nutrients and carries bacteria, viruses and
parasites that threaten the health of humans,
wildlife, and the local ecosystem. One quick rain
shower can easily transfer waste from the ground
to our waterways, including Deep Run and the
Patapsco River. By properly picking up after your
#PatapscoPup and making sure the waste gets in a
trash can, you are removing harmful nutrients and
bacteria from our yards, trails, parks, and local

Click here to download the pledge to always Doo Your Duty!

Email signed pledges to Info@patapsco.org with your address to receive a #PatapscoPup magnet and sticker in the mail!  (We appreciate all pledges to keep pet waste out of the Patapsco, even if you are not in Elkridge)

Thank You to our Pet Waste Pledge signers!

Boordy, with owner Barbara

Maddie, with owner Shankai

Baxter, with owner Jacob

Guapo, with owner Tatiana

Cheddar, with owner Inuk

Stormy, with owner E

Ollie, with owner James

Isis, with owner Harry

Kelly and Jamie, with owner Gloie

Lily, with owner Julie

Walter and Broccoli, with owner Kali

Luke Skywalker, with owner Irina

Joey, with owner Maria

Betty, Lola, and Pinky, with owner Susan

Lulu, with owner Tavia

Moose, with owner Erin

Atlas, with owner Emily

Loki, with owner Lauren

Isabella, with owner Cheryl

Cain, with owner Zahira

Cody, with owners Hailey and Adam

Sydney, with owner Martine

Madie, Chelsea, and Stella, with owner Michael

Quinn and Sasha, with owner Paula

Finn, with owner Regina

Bella, Brin, and Brody, with owner Bridget

Piper, with owner Dexa

Brandy, with owner Shelby

Bruno, with owner Marilyn

Kermit, with owner Amy

Rosalind and Bates, with owner Ashley

Ginger, with owner Kailen

Tona and Tika, with owner Lauren

Bodi, with owner Mike

Ginger, with owner Angela

Baily and Roxy, with owner Mack

Gotti, with owner David

Tucker, with owner Kristen

Bohdi, Oreo, and Chloe, with owner Jes

Where are the new pet waste collection stations?

Along Shady Oak Lane.

Near the trailhead at the end of Woodcrest Drive.

Along Glenmore Avenue.

Along Ducketts Lane.

Along Rowanberry Lane.

Along Summer Home Terrace.

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This project is possible through funding received from The Chesapeake Bay Trust and Clean Water Howard.